Lagan Valley, within which LVRP is situated, was designated an Area of Outstanding
Natural Beauty (AONB) under the Amenity Lands Act (NI) 1965. Lagan Valley
Regional Park was established in 1967 with the purpose of conserving the landscape
and providing a recreational facility for the surrounding urban population (see Fig 2).
It is one of nine AONBs in Northern Ireland and 49 in the United Kingdom.

Lagan Valley Regional Park (LVRP) covers an area of 2,116 hectares, within the local
government areas of Belfast City Council and Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council
(See Fig 1). It is Northern Ireland’s only Regional Park, representing an important
biodiversity and recreational corridor connecting Lisburn and Belfast. The special
qualities of the Regional Park are reflected in a range of designations, underpinning a
rich natural and cultural heritage which is unique in the region, set within a historic
landscape characterised by a patchwork of parks, farms, woodland and meadow, and
straddled by the major urban centres of Belfast and Lisburn. In addition to the unique
built, archaeological and industrial heritage, the Park provides an important green
corridor, offering exceptional recreational and health benefits to local people and
visitors alike.

Page 5 contains the map showing the Park

The document linked below shows LAGAN VALLEY REGIONAL PARK FIVE YEAR PLAN 2017 – 2022