Concerns on Proposed Development Site Design: Key Safety Points

1. PSD Maps for Review:

Attached are three PSD maps detailing the proposed development site. Due to design issues have arisen, particularly regarding footways and parking accommodations within the site..

2. Footways vs. Rumble Strips:

The August 2023 map references footpaths and footways, yet none extend beyond the rumble strip upon entering the proposed development site. Clarification is needed regarding the presence and layout of footways within the development.

3. Parking Allocation and Turning Bays:

Correspondence from Road Services highlights parking regulations, emphasizing that turning bays should not double as parking spaces. Despite this, the Atkins Report indicates 44 in-curtilage parking spaces and 14 on-street spaces, potentially conflicting with road safety standards.

4. Road Safety Concerns:

Previous communication from the Quarterlands Group has underscored concerns about road safety, particularly in light of the Holmes Report’s findings. To ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, it’s imperative to address the questions raised regarding parking arrangements and road infrastructure.

As we continue to engage with planners and authorities, clarity on these points is essential for fostering a safe and functional development environment. Their prompt response and attention to these concerns would be greatly appreciated but this is not the first time these issues have been mentioned.