All the way through this process we have asked for an EIA – in the latest the LCCC have completed an HRA with the conclusion:

Outcome: Having considered the nature, scale, timing, duration and location of the project it is concluded that it is eliminated from further assessment

Our further questions are basically whether an answer about oranges is correct to question about apples. Yet Another Desk Based Response. In this critical time for our environment how can desk based assessments still be allowed. Shared Environmental Service say there are 92 representations when there are hundreds on the planning portal. Not to mention the petition 1795 signatures and why does ‘local’ feel like a pejorative term.

How can they not see that replacing good habitat with cheap token planting is not beneficial to wildlife and according to the developers drawings, boundaries are plank fencing or barbed wire not their initially promised native landscape buffer. The planting plans have changed profoundly throughout the years of this project with rafts of new drawings a few times a year.