We wanted to update you on our ongoing discussions with the planners regarding the proposed development and this time its potential impact on our roads.

Attached to this post, you will find a letter dated 26 April 2022 from DfI Roads, which is also available on the Planning Portal. In this letter are raised significant concerns about the proposed shared surface design by the developer.

Here are some key points and questions we are raising with LCCC Planning department based on this letter:

  1. Communication with Planning Committee: We are seeking clarification on the date and format in which the planners communicated DfI Roads’ concerns to the Planning Committee.
  2. Awareness of Concerns: Has the Planning Committee been made aware of DfI Roads’ statement that a shared surface is not suitable for a road with a junction to a public adopted road within a development area? If so, when and to whom was this notification provided?
  3. Recommendations Conveyed: Has the recommendation from DfI Roads regarding a traditional road design with footways and turning areas been conveyed to the Planning Committee? If so, when and to whom?
  4. Actions Taken by Applicant: We are interested in knowing what actions the planning applicant has taken to address the concerns raised by DfI Roads in subsequent iterations of the plans for the development. Additionally, we would like to know when these changes were communicated to DfI Roads.
  5. Confirmation from Planners: Lastly, we seek confirmation from the planners that all the issues raised in DfI Roads’ correspondence of 26 April 2022 have been adequately addressed in the Planning Decision Notice (PDE) and the Amended PDE.

We intend to follow up with DfI Roads to understand the reasons behind any changes in their position regarding the proposed development. Your prompt response to these inquiries would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support and attention to this matter.