What are Priority Protected Species?

Certain species found in our countryside are protected from harm or disturbance by European and national law. The list covers hedgehogs and many other small mammals including red squirrels, wild birds, and invertebrates such as particular moths and bees.

The site itself has no ‘official’ cataloging of its indigenous species and is private land so we can’t go and count however all the species listed have been seen and photographed by neighbours around this site since the planning application was discovered. 

The Site, Quarterlands

Proposed Development Site

Quarterlands Road

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See the Bats Fly

Early May on Quarterlands Road and the Bats are back.

Priority Protected Species

All the species in this list below ARE PRIORITY PROTECTED SPECIES and are resident in and around the proposed development site at Quarterlands Road. Using it to forage, hunt, live and rest. The list was provided by National Museums NI from biological records submitted to CEDaR (Centre for Environmental Data and Recording)

Priority Protected Species

Images and videos Gathered by residents in and around the devlopment area

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Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

Learn More About Northern Ireland Priority Protected Species. 

24 priority protected Species in and around the proposed development site

74 protected Species in and around the proposed development site

Quarterlands Protected Species List