As we continue to navigate the intricacies of development application LA05/2022/0033/F, we wanted to bring to your attention some serious concerns that have arisen in recent months.

Firstly, let’s talk about capacity. According to the PDE Guidance notes provided by Northern Ireland Water in November 2022, and with the knowledge that Drumbeg WwTw was “At Capacity” in March 2023, there were network problems associated with Drumbeg WwTw in June 2023. Despite these issues, in August 2023, NIW informed the Case Officer that there was capacity for 17 new houses. This raises questions about the validity of the capacity assessment, especially considering the lapse of the PDE from February 2023.

Furthermore, in December 2023, with the PDE lapse continuing and ongoing problems in the Drumbeg network and capacity issues at Drumbeg WwTw, NIW issued a new PDE as the previous ones had lapsed. No Impact Assessment was requested by NIW from the Developer, raising concerns about due diligence in assessing the environmental impact of the proposed development given the time passing and the issues with ancient infrastructure and sewage pollution awareness given issues like the blue green algae at Lough Neagh etc

When it comes to foul sewerage design for residential developments, there’s a crucial need to ensure proper flow management. With plans for 17 houses, the proposed volume of foul sewerage entering a combined sewer on Quarterlands Road raises alarm bells, especially in light of recent flooding and the potential for toxic mixtures in the event of backups.

Additionally, concerns about flow trimming, surface water runoff and fire protection requirements add further complexity to the planning process. The potential hazards of inadequate road width for emergency vehicle access and the absence of water hydrants on site highlight the importance of thorough risk and impact assessments.

In light of these discrepancies and inconsistencies between NIW and the developers, we are urging planners to address these concerns and ensure that correct and safe planning processes are followed. Transparency and accountability are paramount in safeguarding our community’s well-being.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as we navigate these challenges together.