Section 43 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014

Dear Community,

We wish to express our dissatisfaction with the handling of the planning application LA05/2022/0033/F. There are significant issues regarding the fairness and transparency of the process, particularly related to the accessibility of meeting agendas and reports.

Key Points:

  1. Late Notification: We learned only on 28 May 2024 that the application was not scheduled for the 3 June 2024 Planning Committee Meeting, continuing to give us less than the required 5-day notice.
  2. Lack of Access: We have repeatedly prepared for meetings without access to necessary documents, such as the Case Officer’s Report, which is crucial for informed participation.
  3. Statutory Compliance: We continue to urge the planners to adhere to the 5-day statutory notification requirement as outlined in Section 43 of The Local Government Act (NI) 2014.
  4. Unaddressed Concerns: Our letter of concern submitted to the planning authorities has been uploaded to the planning application as a neutral submission without being addressed. This lack of correct response further demonstrates the procedural shortcomings we face.

We believe these issues continue to hinder our ability to effectively engage in the planning process and require improved transparency and adherence to legal requirements.

Your support is vital. Stay informed and join us in advocating for a fair process.

  • The Quarterlands Group

Letter below Submitted to LCCC 31.05.24

However LCCC Planning Department uploaded this letter to the Planning Portal under comments as ‘neutral’ 05.06.24