The newest document from the Quarterlands Group is a set of comments on the Atkins Drainage Assessment Reports for the proposed development site. ​

The comments highlight concerns about the adequacy and methodology of the reports, as well as the lack of site-specific data and the limitations of the modeling techniques used.

The document also questions the compliance with government guidance on drainage assessments and raises issues regarding flood risk, surface water runoff, and potential impacts on surrounding properties. ​

The conclusion is that an updated drainage assessment report is needed to address these concerns. ​ Additionally, there are concerns about the decision-making process of NI Water and the capacity of the wastewater treatment works. ​ The document requests further consultation and legal advice before the application is presented to the Planning Committee. ​

  1. The Atkins Reports lack detail and thoroughness compared to a comparator report completed by Flood Risk Consulting, raising concerns about the adequacy of the drainage assessment. ​
  2. The Atkins Reports do not provide site-specific data or evidence of a site visit, which is necessary for a comprehensive drainage assessment. ​
  3. The methodology used in the Atkins Reports, particularly the application of the Modified Rational Method, may not be reliable for a site of this size and rural setting. ​
  4. The Atkins Reports do not address the potential impact of the proposed development on surrounding properties, including the risk of flooding and sewage seepage. ​
  5. The Atkins Reports do not fully comply with the requirements of Policy FLD 3, including the assessment of hard surfacing, evidence of surface water flooding history, and mitigation measures for flood risk. ​