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The Plans we are objecting to have been Re-Advertised on 10th November 2023 and any new objections are sought.

If you click how to object the various ways and means are on this website.

Comments need to be in by the 24th November 2023. If you have new information or ideas about this development in the Lagan Valley Regional Park. Please do pen a line.

Already Objected? [IMPORTANT]

NOTE: If you have already made an objection please check it is available on the planning portal site as a large swathe of objections to this development, from last year, are marked as Not Available.

Notifications Will Look Like This

If you commented on the development you will probably receive notification.

If you didn’t we have spares.

To Voice Your Opinion

Copy this Number LA05/2022/0033/F go to the planning portal paste the number in. You can then see all the drawings, documents and comments for and against. If you want to leave your own comment click add comment in the comments section on the portal.

Why Your Voice Matters

The Lagan Valley Regional Park is not just a piece of land; it’s a shared legacy, a source of solace, and a haven for biodiversity. Your input ensures that the decisions made today consider the well-being of future generations and preserve the unique character of our community.

Let Your Voice Echo in the Valley

Speak up for the Lagan Valley Regional Park. Your voice is a catalyst for change, a defender of nature, and a guardian of our collective heritage. Together, we can ensure that the beauty of the Lagan Valley continues to inspire and enrich the lives of those who call it home and the residents of two cities who use its green spaces and fresh air.

Act now, and let the planning authorities know what the Lagan Valley Regional Park means to you and why its preservation is paramount.

Thank you for being a steward of our natural legacy.